about the owners

Vail Valley Pharmacy has been in operation since 2012. We pride ourselves on being professional, cutting edge, knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. But perhaps most of all, we pride ourselves on being part of the community. It is rare person that we don’t recognize after the first or second (hopefully!) visit.

After a few years in business we are honing in on some aspects of pharmacy that set us apart. Compounding is a huge part of our identity as a pharmacy. We love to mix, swirl, and combine things together to make the perfect concoction for women, men, kids, dogs, cats or even the occasional turtle.


highest quality supplements

Supplements have also evolved into something that sets us apart. We don’t just sell pharmaceutical grade supplements (although we do, and if we may say so we carry some of the highest quality supplements you can buy), but we are also highly knowledgeable and (perhaps even more importantly) accessible. We can chat online, via email, or over the phone, but however you choose to communicate, we are here to provide information and counsel you about your specific needs/wants/ailments so that you can feel confident that you are helping yourself be the healthiest you possible!

Vail Valley Pharmacy works closely with some of the best supplemental brands on the market. As a convenience to you, in addition to coming into our store to pick up your favorite supplements, you will now be able to order any and all of your supplements and learn about other supplements and options, right here on our website.


full service pharmacy

Vail Valley Pharmacy is your one stop shop for health and wellness. It is owned and operated by Bruce and Susie Delnay, locals who are committed to making a difference in the community. We provide another option beyond the big box stores, both for our customers and for our employees. We currently employ 15 Eagle county locals, some of whom have been at Vail Valley Pharmacy from day one. The pharmacy opened in 2012, focusing on a better pharmacy experience. Bruce started in 2013, when business began to pick up. In September 2020, the Delnays took over ownership of the store. Besides being a full service pharmacy, we compound medications, administer vaccines, and offer pharmaceutical grade supplements. Our front end has amazing gifts, toys, baby clothes, wine, liquor, skin care products, and more. We are always getting new products in, so don’t forget to take a look around when you are in for a prescription or supplements! Finally, you can also make appointments to see our very own Dr. Eliza Klearman. She offers a variety of functional medicine consults as well as acupuncture and expert advice on our huge selection of herbs and supplements.