Prescriptions made specifically for your body’s needs.

Many of the staff members at Vail Valley Pharmacy have received special training in compounding from the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA) in Houston, Texas. We have the ability to specially formulate medications, doses, and dosage forms specifically suited to your needs and specifically prescribed for you from your Doctor. This allows the Doctor to treat YOU based on what you need, not based on the doses and dosage forms that the pharmaceutical companies have decided to mass produce. Medications we can provide custom-made for you include (but are not limited to):

  • Bioidentical hormones for both women and men
  • Pain medications in a variety of delivery methods
  • Thyroid replacement therapy
  • Specially flavored compounds for children and pets
  • Dermatological compounds

We can turn tubes of cream or ointment into a dosage form that assures you get the exact amount you need every time you use it, we can make your kids medications tastier, and we can make special lollipops with the medication you need. Just call us and we can explain your options to you!

And don’t forget your special furry friends! We can make and flavor special medications for your pets, Have trouble getting Fido to take his medication? Maybe a poultry flavored compound will be easier on his palate! Call us anytime and we can tell you your options for your pet’s medications.